The department of Amazonas currently has the highest rate of contagion for coronavirus of Colombia. This department is one of those with the highest multidimensional poverty rate in the country, being the majority (80%) indigenous population. There are NO ICU UNITS in the department (Intensive Care Unit), only 10 respirators, that is, they have NO way of attending to the pandemic, and in the face of poverty, containment methods are very difficult to apply, so the COVID-19 spreads at high speed. Today we ask for your help to bring sanitary supplies to communities where the State has not arrived, and basic foodstuffs, in order to face the pandemic with sufficient resources.

The department of the Amazon
you need supplies to control you COVID-19, due to the absence of medical, sanitary equipment, and adequate facilities to make you front. Help us to help them.

You can also send our Bancolombia Current Account 03364881011 to the name of Saving The Amazon.

* Note: We will make the distribution together with the NGO Entrópika, with headquarters in Leticia. They will be in charge of carrying the supplies that we send from Bogotá, to indigenous communities. Mainly food like grains and rice and health tools for the prevention of COVID-19.

Helping is possible