With the creation of the forest, we honor the memory of all Colombians who were affected by the conflict, so that their name will last forever in the Amazon. The tree that we have planted for you, is contributing to the reforestation of the most important ecological altar on the planet and supporting the communities that are part of it, economically and alimentarily.

We invite you to support our student movement. We believe that it is essential that directors, deans and professors support the creation of the largest living monument in the country for the reparation of victims. We hope you will link with us and support us. The support of the Universidad de los Andes is very important for us.

Visit Our: https://ceu.uniandes.edu.co/




Consejo estudiantil uniandino Ing. Civil & Ambiental
Consejo estudiantil uniandino Ing. Civil & Ambiental
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Consejo estudiantil uniandino Ing. Civil & Ambiental
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