Your entrepreneurial forest supports the indigenous communities of the Colombian Amazon, who plant native trees for their food security and create green businesses that help them in their livelihoods, obtaining work through planting and caring for trees.

Each tree is photographed and georeferenced; This photo is uploaded to the platform of, to create a virtual forest and provide proof that the trees are planted. The natives take care of them for thirty-six months, a time of care that an Amazonian tree requires to survive on its own, and in the months of January and June, the trees are photographed again and uploaded to our website to track traceability of forest growth.

How do our business forests work?


The trees planted are marked with the name of your company, your customers, or your workers as an act of support for the future of the planet.

Ecoempresas - Colegio Gran Bretaña

The indigenous communities take a georeferenced photo of each tree and send it to be uploaded to our website, creating the virtual forest of the company. Your company receives the virtual forest link, so you can promote it.


If you plant a forest in the name of your company, you will receive a business certificate that notifies the amount of trees planted and active participation within the Saving The Amazon Foundation.

Certificado de Compra

If you plant the forest with the names of your clients or workers, each individual person receives a certification diploma and a letter informing that your company has planted a tree.


Indigenous communities care for trees for 36 months. In the months of January and June they take a photo and send it to be uploaded to the platform and to track its traceability.

comunidad de la amazonia

The company receives a certificate from Saving The Amazon, and our company-friendly seal with The Amazon.

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What does it mean to have our stamp of Friendly Company with the Amazon?


You help counteract the indiscriminate felling of trees in the Amazon.


You help give work to indigenous communities planting and caring for trees.


You are part of the conservation of the Amazon.

comunidad de la amazonia


You support indigenous communities in the creation of green companies.


You help offset the cutting down of trees in the Colombian Amazon. It is required to plant 57 million trees by cutting down 2017.


You make a contribution to the food security of the Amazonian indigenous peoples.

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