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Santa Cruz

This community has accessibility by water and by land, belonging to the Wanano, Cubeo and Siriano ethnic groups, located two and a half hours from the capital of the Mitu department and is made up of 40 families. This community is currently in a process of rediscovering its roots, because they have realized that all the interaction they are having with the outside world is separating them from their ancestral cultures; young people have migrated to the main cities of the country to study and look for new horizons. For these reasons, the members of the community are registering their customs and traditions, through books and documents they are making sure that their decency, beliefs and culture are not lost as time passes.

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Indigenous community belonging to the Cubeo ethnic group of the great indigenous shelter of Vaupés. This community is made up of 35 families and is located one hour from the capital Mitú on the banks of the Vaupes river. This millenary river has allowed these communities, not only to feed themselves, but to have a deep connection with their territory and to be a point of reference for all their ordering. This community stands out for its interest in the manufacture of handicrafts, a tradition that has been maintained over the years. So much so that children and young people make small crafts and have begun to innovate in these elements, because for this community to maintain its cultural rites has become essential to affirm their identity as indigenous Amazonians.

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Indigenous community belonging to the Cubeo ethnic group of the great indigenous shelter of Vaupés. This community consists of 15 families located two hours from its capital Mitú was established on the banks of the Vaupes river. This community has been highlighted by the enormous leadership shown by its members. This community has understood the need to empower itself and to develop organizations with the purpose of giving more and more welfare to the community and that Vaupes stops being the most forgotten department in Colombia. Members of the Timbó community have held important positions such as the governorship of Vaupés and have served as presidents of indigenous associations.

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This community belonging to the Wanano ethnic group is located two hours forty-five minutes from the capital of the department, it can be reached by land or by water through the river Vaupés. This community has been characterized by its creative impulse. The members of the Tayazú community are expert builders, wanted by the neighboring communities for their great skill in the development of ancestral and modern houses and malocas. In this community the mixture of architectural styles is the living proof of the harmony that can come between different peoples and times.

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